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Discord Rules

We have 2 Community Values.

  1. Be Kind and
  2. Be Gross
Table of contents
  1. Discord Rules
    1. Team Structure
      1. Pinging reps
    2. Channels
      1. #⚪the-daily-spews📰
        1. Emoji polls
      2. #⚪the-louvgie🎨
    3. Pausing Topics ⏸
    4. Election organizing
      1. Keeping discussion friendly
      2. Organizing tools
    5. Content Warnings & Cursed Content
      1. Cursed Content
      2. Food Crimes
    6. Propaganda
    7. Misc.
      1. Pronouns
      2. Visitors
      3. Sundaes🍨
      4. Swoomba

Team Structure

Each team on discord has their own way of managing things. We have team representatives (often “reps” for short) who do both the standard things that all Discord team reps do and some Talkers-specific things.

Standard rep things our reps do:

  • Being a point of contact for keepers (server mods) & other teams
  • Sharing information from keepers & other teams with our team
  • Minor channel maintenance tasks, such as pinning posts and asking the keepers to make changes to channel titles, topics, or slowmodes
  • Deleting inappropriate posts on the spot
  • Summoning the keepers when needed
  • Keeping an eye on team vibes

Talkers-specific things our reps do:

  • Keeping this rules page up-to-date
  • Posting news in our news channel
  • Organizing ways to keep discussion welcoming and on track when needed, such as by adapting strategy discussion approaches from other teams, scheduling lore jams, encouraging topics that go in specific channels to be kept in those channels, reminding people to spoiler food crimes, and so on
  • Managing election strategy polls and vote trackers

Our team organization has kind of evolved organically, so it’s not set in stone. But at this time, the reps are trying to avoid adding things to the second list without careful consideration.

You may occasionally see reps referred to as captains. This is an old habit from before some server terminology was changed.

If you have a problem with a representative, or any other discord user, utilize mod mail by DM-ing:


Pinging reps

You can ping the @rep - moisttalkers role if you want to get the reps’ attention for any reason.

Discord’s role autocomplete doesn’t handle spaces well. Typing @moist or @talkers will bring up the right role in the autocomplete, and you can click or tap it there.


Our four channels are:

  • #⚪the-daily-spews📰 a news/announcement board channel
  • #⚪orb-corner🗣️ or whatever joke it’s renamed for, general channel
  • #⚪the-underarena👀 channel for live watching games and for strategy discussions
  • #⚪the-louvgie🎨 an archival art channel


Our news channel. Make sure to read to keep up with current events & team organization. The Spews is a good place to check if something big has happened while you were offline.

Emoji polls

Sometimes the reps will post simple polls in the #⚪the-daily-spews📰 that people can vote in by reacting with specific emoji. The reps do this to get a feel for general team vibes on a topic. The results of these are not set in stone, but they help the reps make snap decisions, such as e.g. whether to invite our opponents for the next game to come watch it with us.


A channel dedicated to art & creative content only.

  • Post Creative content #⚪the-louvgie🎨. Don’t be afraid to post it in #⚪orb-corner🗣️ as well, this channel exists for Archival purposes. Please tag your art so people can search the channel more easily, e.g. [Richmond] or [Ziwa & Eugenia].
  • No chatter in #⚪the-louvgie🎨, we have two other channels for people talking moistly. Artists, feel free to post art in both #⚪the-louvgie🎨 & #⚪orb-corner🗣️ so people can gush over it there. Incidental chatter will be deleted by the representatives.
  • WIPs & Sketches live in #⚪the-louvgie🎨 too! Please post your sketches you might not necessarily be confident to post in #fanwork in #⚪the-louvgie🎨, we think they are beautiful and still want to see them. However try to refrain from spamming WIPs, if you want show us every step of the process maybe make a process GIF/video!

Pausing Topics ⏸

Sometimes the team reps will ask for a pause or moratorium on certain topics. This is usually when emotions seem to be running high, due to a contentious topic or something bad having happened to the team.

Pauses will usually be announced and explained in #⚪the-daily-spews📰, though there may be a little delay between the pause first being requested and the Spews post going up. The Spews post will generally include information about when the topic will be unpaused.

If you’d like to request a topic pause, please ping @rep - moisttalkers so the reps can see it and help facilitate discussion at a later date.

Election organizing

Keeping discussion friendly

We use “Talking Spit, Getting Hits” terms to acknowledge that different blaseball fans have different priorities, and no approach is right or wrong. You don’t have to use the specific terms spit and hits, but you do have to avoid implying that other people’s approaches to elections are bad. Using the spit/hits language can make this easier and help get your points across clearly.

We also ask people to use “I” language to avoid implying that their opinion is objective fact. Even when something seems to come down to numbers, there are generally still multiple views on what is most important to do and what the best way to approach it is.

Finally, please keep election strategy discussion in #⚪the-underarena👀, so that anyone who needs a break from it can escape to #⚪orb-corner🗣️.

If a conversation about election strategy becomes too circular or heated, the representatives will shut it down.

Organizing tools

Our current organizing tools include a central list of proposed strategies, a poll, a vote tracker, and a voting guide that is based on team consensus and shared on Twitter. You can get a more detailed current list with links by posting +moistvotes in #⚪the-underarena👀.

Currently the people running these tools are all reps, but the reps do try to keep discussion about how these should work in the team channels where anyone can contribute.

Content Warnings & Cursed Content

You can spoiler text with the following formatting:

|| Spoiler Goes Here ||

If you are on mobile, the Blaseball Discord has a bot that lets you spoiler images by starting your message with:


Make sure to spoiler text & images appropriately, and always let people know what you are issuing a warning about. For example: cw: eyes

Cursed Content

Moist Talkers have a reputation for being into cursed content. Here’s some guidelines so cursed content can be a safe time for everyone.

  • Cursed Content that has body horror & hyper fixation on specific body parts should be spoilered, and have an appropriate Content Warning applied.
  • No violent or gorey imagery.
  • Nothing NSFW/NSFL, this is a PG-13 server.

Food Crimes

Moist Talkers are the #1 exporter of food crimes, until the Wild Wings Legal Dept. sues us for this claim. If you ever need a refresher on food crime rules, or how to spoiler things in general, use the +foodcrimes command in chat.

  • Spoiler your images of food in general, and let people know there’s food content underneath with a Content Warning. Either cw: food or cw: food crime
  • Food crimes that are food being mixed, combined or used in unconventional ways? good ✅
  • Food crimes that are unhygienic, off or spoiled, has something growing on it? bad 🚫


Propaganda is images related to voting, teams & events posted in #community-billboard.

  • DO NOT appropriate IRL facist/bigoted propaganda/imagery for your propaganda.
  • If your propaganda involves another team, get a temperature check from others in our channel if it seems appropriate.
  • If you use another person’s art in your propaganda, make sure to credit the artist.
  • If your propaganda is a direct edit of another person’s work ask that person for permission before posting.



You are not obliged to put your pronouns in your name, but we encourage doing so to make discord a more welcoming space.


Our teams policy to visitors by default is Open✅, but we do ask people not to bring us election proposals. The Team Visitor Status site has our up-to-the-minute status and other teams’ visiting policies.


  • Sundaes are a legit way to play the game that is Blaseball. Don’t criticize/moralize other team members for using them.
  • Conversely, do not do a song & dance about your payouts for Sundaes. Remember, Be Kind.


The Swoomba is a bot that deletes swear words. We have a couple of extra words that it considers “naughty words” in our channel. If your message gets randomly deleted for mentioning a certain webcomic, that’s why.

The Swoomba warning messages are not strikes. The bot’s default text cannot be changed, hence the foreboding phrasing.