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Watch parties

#⚪the-underarena👀 is our watch party channel. In case its name is changed at the moment, it’s the third channel.

It’s also our strats channel. If people start discussing strategy between games, please feel free to ignore them, to ask them to pause while you’re here, or to hang out in #⚪orb-corner🗣 until the next game pushes the strategy discussion out.

We are usually pretty public about our strategy, so we’re not going to be mad that you saw it, especially since we invited you! Sorry about any awkwardness; occasionally being squished into two discussion channels has downsides.

Lore jams

Lore jams will usually be in #⚪orb-corner🗣. In case its name is changed at the moment, it’s the second channel.


Expect the mode to be very slow. We often have 30 minute slowmode or slower for lore jams.

We find higher slowmode makes lore jams easier to backread, for people who are late or who are participating sporadically or who are compiling the lore later.

Fanworks archive

If you want to share art or fiction or other fanworks about the subject of the lore jam, we’d love to see them in our fanworks channel, #⚪the-louvgie🎨! Please put their name in your post so future searchers can find it.

We don’t allow discussion in #⚪the-louvgie🎨. We’re not going to get upset if you forget that, but we are going to delete discussion posts there and direct you back to #⚪orb-corner🗣.

Putting things that fit in #⚪the-louvgie🎨 there can help you save your slowmode in #⚪orb-corner🗣 for discussion.